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We understand that change is scary. The unknown can present a new set of challenges that many suffering mental or physical distress feel they are not up to facing. The support Eneca delivers is not just about the general day-to-day assistance, it’s holistic.

  • Hospital Discharge
    Nursing Support.

    This program is designed to assist participants moving from hospital to a medium-term accommodation until a suitable long-term environment can be arranged.

    Eneca works collaboratively with the NDIS program, hospital staff, accommodation providers, families and, of course, participants, to provide a smooth, easy transition.

    A new change doesn’t just bring new challenges, but new opportunities, new goals and new pathways along the journey. Turning these into a realisation is part of our philosophy.

  • 24 Hour Support.

    Around-the-clock care is provided for participants in need of such support.

    These include:

    • Behavioural strategies
    • Feeding
    • Epilepsy assistance
    • Diabetes management
    • Hoist and transfer support
    • Personal care.

    Our qualified and professional team can also assist with the administration of medication and general personal care where necessary.

    Our 24-hour support is provided in one of two ways:

    1. Active support’ is for participants in need of constant or intermittent care throughout the night.
    2. Sleepover support’ can assist those who may have a need arise during the night. Our staff will dedicate some time to ensure an individual is relaxed and comfortable in the hours leading up to sleep and also first thing in the morning.

    For those in need of Active Support, a member of the Eneca support staff will remain awake and alert throughout the night.

  • Supported
    Independent Living.

    Maintaining a level of independence helps to increase an individual’s sense of self-worth and whilst we offer the best-level of care to those who need it when they need it, we also seek to empower a sense of choice.

    Our Support Independent Living program is part of the NDIS scheme and its purpose is to provide the right level of care and support based on a participant’s level of independence. Eneca can tailor the type of support necessary to help maintain that level of independence, but provide assistance when needed.

    This can be a combination of:

    • Domestic assistance
    • Home modifications
    • Assisted travel
    • One-to-one support
    • Overnight support.

    No two scenarios are the same and it’s our flexibility in working with an individual’s specific needs that allows us to cultivate the safest and most secure living environment.

  • Respite Support 
    for Families.

    Sometimes, the responsibility of care for a person with significant disability falls on the shoulders of a loved one – a family member or friend. It can become physically, emotionally and financially taxing over time.

    Our respite support offers temporary relief to family and friends supporting loved ones with ongoing significant or permanent care needs. Providing such support to someone you love does take a toll and it’s important you take some personal time to rest and recharge.

    Through our flexible respite care, you can be assured that your loved one will be properly cared for. These services are offered on weekdays, weekends, holidays and, if necessary, through the night.

  • Community Access 
    and Transport.

    Remaining active physically, mentally and socially is extremely important for well-being.

    Our support staff will assist with any travel needs you may have, including:

    • Outings to the beach or park
    • Seeing a movie at the cinema
    • Going to the shops and supermarket
    • Sporting activities, like golf, swimming or lawn bowls.

    NDIS Transport 

    1. If you have a transport allocation in your NDIS plan listed as ‘self-managed’, it means the NDIS will pay your transport allocation directly into your bank account. We can help you organise this.
    2. If you have a transport allocation in your NDIS plan listed as ‘agency managed’, we will work with you to reflect this in the service we deliver to you.
    3. If you have no transport funding in your NDIS plan and believe that travel is needed, you can contact the NDIS, or your support coordinator. Or if you’re not sure what to do, give us a call, we can help.

    There are also other transport options available which we can walk you through once we start working together.

  • Pathways Program.

    When navigating a major lifestyle change, it’s normal to feel disconnected from yourself and your community. If mistakes or missteps were made along the way, re-entry can be daunting.

    For anyone who’s eager to contribute in their community – including those experiencing mental health conditions – Eneca can provide the pathways to help you begin your new life.

    Our experienced and professional support staff can support you on your journey by:

    • Patterning with the right organisations for your goals
    • Making it easy for you to attend lessons, workshops and events by providing transport
    • Monitoring your progress
    • Identifying risks and developing a plan
    • Celebrate your success along the way.
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