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We’re always looking to add new members to the Eneca family: from staff, to service providers to participants. If you share our core values, genuinely care about well-being and want to make a difference – welcome home.

There’s a shortage of skilled carers in Australia.

The disability support sector isn’t perfect. We appreciate the difficulties in providing care for those who need it, but it goes both ways. Those in need of care are facing their own set of challenges too. We acknowledge that it has its flaws, but we’re on a mission to make it better.

Are you seeking to improve yourself and believe that a ‘job’ is not just a place to spend time or earn a wage? Are you passionate about making a positive difference? Are you empathetic, thoughtful and energetic? Then we want to meet you.

If you are such a person; passionate, energetic, thoughtful, empathetic and you believe in making an impact for the better in the lives of those around you we invite you to contact us.

Finding the right people.

To create consistency, safety and security for our clients, we need people who can deliver high quality support.

Unlike other NDIS service providers, we use a rigorous screening process to determine whether or not someone is suitable to work with us. This process assesses the risk and job fit, which goes above and beyond existing NDIS screening requirements.

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