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We provide Short Term Accomodation (STA), Medium Term Accomodation (MTA) and Supported Independant Living (SIL).

Short term accommodation

ENECA’s Short Term Accommodation Support (STA) is an Autism focused service ‘Quality of Life’ is our ethos. Our STA homes are designed to be sensory specific throughout and not just one area of the home.

Our Aim is to deliver excellence with an emphasis on Quality of Care, holistic/person centred support that caters for participants.

ENECA’s STA goal is to provide an environment of comfort and relaxation for all participants accessing our STA and creating a platform for participants to engage in Capacity building programs and Social and recreational programs.

What our service offers:

  • Customer Service Read more +
    Industry Professionals who will respond and support your needs
  • Quality of Life program Read more +
    Designed to enhance emotional well-being, strengthen, and empowerment, Our program focuses on relationship building exercises, therapeutic exercises, and meditation.
  • Sensory modified STA homes
  • Daily living skills Read more +
    Programs designed to up skills in daily skills such as cooking, cleaning, travel training, gardening, and other home upkeep skills.
  • Capacity Building Skills Programs Read more +
    Programs designed to foster social and personal skills development to further build and improve participants independence.
  • Personal Care programs
  • Relationship/ emotional development programs Read more +
    Programs designed to enhance a participants capacity to independently develop informal relationships and identify what is a healthy relationship.
  • Nutrition and health living program
  • Meal planning and cooking
  • Personal care
  • Providing support with health e.g. medication
  • Attending appointments or external services programs
  • Community participation/ Social and recreational Read more +
    To support a person to experience what the world has to offer. This entails recreational activities to engage in age-appropriate recreation and venues while enhancing the person’s social skills and social engagement.

Our Capacity Building program

Individualised centred skills develop training and supports. ENECA’s capacity building programs are focused on our participants goals and needs to their personal development.

Eneca programs are developed in partnership with participants, families and therapeutic/allied health or any other stakeholder the participant feels supported by.

Our programs focused to improving the quality of life of the participants by providing the means and structure for participants to develop capacity in which they can continue to utilise the skills learnt with ENECA and apply them to their work, home, family/social and community environments.

Quality of Life project and individual Independence

Eneca’s Capacity Building doesn’t just look at the day-to-day aspects of a participants supports but developing the self-determination and long-term sustainable freedom of choice and control.


Though Capacity building is a category within the NDIS price guide, ENECA believes that capacity building is the means to independence. There are serval areas in which a participant can request to engage with ENECA’s capacity building programs they are.

Support categories:

Coordinating with stakeholders

Eneca is a service provide who fosters the ideas of community and the social, emotional, and cultural strengths communities provide. A participants’ networks and stakeholder are their community. Eneca will partner with the participant and their networks to support our participant to explore, strategies and develop their plans to achieving their goals.

Community Participation/Social development

Art classes, camps, individual and team sports, shopping, restaurants, fishing, personal health exercises, visiting pubs (if age appropriate), informal relationships, going into the community with friends and socialising are all community and social activities most people all take for granted. ENECA will coach and support participants to build social skills and other individual skills sets to foster a participant’s independence to engage with social and community activities. 

Developing employable skills

ENECA will create a training modal specifically to support participants to assist them to developing and practicing skills required to achieving employment. This may include training on how to develop a resume, practicing interview skills, engaging in activities that may increase employable skills and develop experience to improve capacity of obtaining paid employment.

Developing social connections and relationships

Support to build participants skills to make connections and build relationships with others. ENECA will support you to implement goal and strategies to work with you on social and relationships skills development.

Health & Wellbeing

Eneca will develop training and routine plans to supports participants to improve areas of their health and wellbeing in which participants want to develop further skills and capacity. This can include visiting fitness centres, motivation to eat healthier as well meditation etc.


ENECA is committed to developing capacity of independence regardless of how this may apply to each participant. All our areas of focus will encompass learning models to support participants with their learning and development. This will be user friendly and revived with to ensure participants are able to understand the resources and information provided to support them with learning and capacity building.

How is this measured?

During a participant’s initial engagement with ENECA a complete a person centred plan ‘all about me’ this plan will allow for ENECA to identify areas of support and Capacity development most important to the participant to achieving their goal.

The purpose is to improve the quality of life for the participant by develop the necessary skills for this to occur, Eneca will consult with participant and relevant stakeholder to assess and develop a plan in which the participant is able learn and follow the models within to help learn the practice the areas of focus.

ENECA will have a progress check list to complete, this will identify the activity/area of skill develop/the level of first assessment of the skill capacity and the current level to show whether there is capacity development, or to identify what isn’t working and to re-strategies their plan of action to achieving this goal.

This information is also useful for occupational therapists, behavioural support practitioners as well speech and other allied health professionals to identify their participants level of capacity and whether their recommendations are working or not.

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