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Here’s where you can find information and resources about the NDIS. It’s a creative piece of legislation (in more ways than one), and we’re learning more about it all the time as it continues to be refined. We hope to take you along on this journey as it unfolds.

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Frequently  Asked Questions

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government-backed, national program that’s being progressively rolled out across all states and territories in Australia.

The NDIS aims to provide support and peace of mind to eligible individuals with physical, cognitive, psychosocial, or sensory difficulties.

As a program, it supports hundreds and thousands of participants, carers, service providers and their families, giving back to the country in so many ways.

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To find out whether you’re eligible for the NDIS, there’s a helpful checklist on their website. It asks you a series of questions to help you work out whether this service will be right for you.

See the Checklist

Once you’ve worked out your eligibility, you can apply for NDIS funding. During this process, you’ll be asked to provide a range of different information and evidence about your disability, as well as confirm your identity.

To do this, there are three (3) ways you can start the application process:

  1. Call the NDIS directly on 1800 800 110 to make an Access Request
  2. Fill out an Access Request Form and email it to NAT@ndis.gov.au, or
  3. Give the LAC or NDIA office in your community a call on 1800 800 110 to make an Access Request.

NDIS funding is available for reasonable and necessary supports for an individual built around three themes:

  • CORE, which are activities or supports crucial to daily life
  • CAPITAL, including supports like home or vehicle modifications or assistive technologies
  • CAPACITY BUILDING, any activity or service that increases skills and independence.

In practice, this might look like:

  • Transport to get to the supermarket or doctor
  • Support to find a job, or training for future employment

Well-being activities, like yoga or massage, and more.

We understand that understanding your NDIS plan might be difficult, especially if this is your first time working with the NDIS.

To get the most out of your plan, find an NDIS provider who shares similar values to you and already speaks the language of the NDIS. This is where Eneca can help.

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