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Respite Getaway STA Holiday Destination in Ocean Grove

3-5 day activity booking 

  • Respite 
  • Wellness 
  • Nutrition 
4 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom

Where you’ll be

27 Driftwood Street, Ocean Grove, Vic 3226

What Is Respite Care? 

Respite care provides a temporary break from the daily challenges facing caregivers and individuals in need of support. Caregiving is an act of love and dedication, but it can also be physically and emotionally demanding for both parties. Respite offers the opportunity for rejuvenation and relaxation in peaceful surroundings away from the daily grind.  

Why Is Respite Care Important? 

Offering care and support to individuals who need it, and being the recipient of that support creates a mutual bond that can last a lifetime. Providing care is extremely rewarding but has its challenges. It is important that caregivers and those they support equally understand that batteries need to be recharged and short-term respite care is the perfect environment to do just that. It is an opportunity to socialize, participate in stimulating activities and try new experiences. It can have a profound impact on a person’s wellbeing and how they deal with stress because it allows them to decompress in a peaceful environment. 

Who Is Respite Care Suitable For? 

Respite care is not just for those in need of support, but also for those providing care. Our respite home can accommodate up to three people and is also perfectly suitable for one or two people in need of a quick break. 

Where Is Our Respite Home Located? 

Situated on 1042 square metres of land, our respite home is located in Ocean Grove, a lovely seaside township just 90 minutes from Melbourne on the southern coast of Victoria. A charming, 4-bedroom mud-brick cottage, the rustic appearance is a combination of recycled material, exposed wooden beams and the local natural landscape to create a wonderful atmosphere of a ‘home away from home.’

The spacious interior provides a lovely warm atmosphere, complete with a pot belly fireplace, electric heating and handmade lighting to truly create a relaxing ambience year-round. It is the perfect environment for enjoying a hot bowl of homemade soup and cup of tea during a chilly winter evening or simply relaxing by the fire.

The proximity to the local attractions makes the home an ideal getaway in the warmer climate too. A mere 3-minute walk to Bluewater Lake (a local hidden gem!) and just 2km from the Ocean Grove town centre adorned with award-winning cafes and restaurants. A further 10-minute walk and you will arrive at one of the most iconic surfing coastlines in Australia where the consistent rolling of the waves and brisk salty air serve to clear one’s head.
The fully equipped kitchen, boasting ample cupboard and bench space, provides a wonderful opportunity for guests to create their own delicious meals in a group environment or individually and the connected open plan living and dining area creates seamless and inviting space to either socialise or enjoy some alone-time.

This home offers the perfect escape - a place where you lack for nothing, basking in stunning sunsets and breathtaking parkland views. Positioned thoughtfully to capture the best panorama, it is a place of respite that you'll find it impossible to say goodbye.

A Focus on Health, Wellness and Nutrition… 

It is no secret that our reliance on devices plays a major role in our daily activities, and we have become conditioned to receiving information and gratification almost in real time.

Sometimes, we simply just need to wind things back and focus on what is important. Mental health, general wellness and nutrition all play a vital role in our wellbeing and did so long before the smartphone became such as integral part of society.

Our focus on wellness, nutrition and wellbeing is about taking stock of things, allowing you as a caregiver or an individual in need of support take some time out and do the things that we know are good for us, but that we no longer take the time to do.

Take a stroll along the beach, read a book by the fire or cook yourself a delicious homemade winter broth on a chilly night.

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